Suz Roach


Suz Roach. Long time doodler, part-time artist.  Feel free to browse through my portfolio and laugh, cry, or snort milk out of your nose. If you have any questions–such as “What do you ingest before you paint?” or “Where can I find some real art?”– please feel free to leave a comment. And be nice! I’m delicate.

The pieces  in my gallery feature many different mediums and styles. I specialize in acrylic and digitally colored pencil drawings, but dabble in watercolor and oil.   I am self trained and fiction inspired (translation: I did not attend art school, I have a “grown up” job, and I love to fuel my imagination with books, movies, jokes, games, caffeine overdoses, etc). Prints for most of my pieces are available at:

ZaPow! Illustrative Art Gallery
Spellbound Bookshop
FABO Coffee Art Bar

Or on this website! Just check out my shop 🙂

And if you just happen to be strolling through Asheville on a sunny summer day be sure to look for my booth at the local arts and crafts festivals! I’m probably giving out free high fives…

Thanks for viewing,

Suz Roach

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